printing by Flex cover on textiles

печать флексом макро фотоТhin elastic cover firmly absorbed in textile. 

Flex doesn't fade, isn't stretched, doesn't deform after washing, remain the color

The main advantage is durability



Feels on touch as cover:
Flex is a material that will be a bit perceptible as a thin elastic cover.

Possible print on all types:
Printing is possible on t-shirts, caps, polos, sweatshirts, jeans, synthetic fabrics, stretch fabrics, bags, outerwear, etc.

Printing is possible on light and dark textiles.
Print size: A6 to A3

Great method for printing logos, labels, numbers:

This printing method is intended for application
monotonous prints (without 
color gradation),
silhouette and vector images.

Care and washing:
To keep the print as long as possible, follow a few simple rules of printed textile care:
1. It's better to set the delicate mode for 
machine washing and no more than 30-40°C of water;
2. Do not use bleaching and other aggressive detergents;
3. Turn the product inside out before washing in order to avoid mechanical damage the print by cylinder of the washing machine;
4. Iron the product only from the inside out!
5. It's forbidden to iron the print directly!
What is not possible printing by this method?
- Can’t print full color pictures,
these are photos and 
pictures with color gradation or halftone.
What format is needed? 



печать флексом на футболках, сложный логотип

брендирование футболок флексом