printing by gold and silver on textiles

This is a very popular and fashionable type of application now.

Applying the print in gold or silver allows you to  present yourself vividly and draw attention to you and just please the eye with a print of the name and number on the back.

The print in gold or silver (metallic colors) is one of the most technically sophisticated methods of applying an image to a product. The print is a thin glossy material, is reliably absorbed into the cloth under the influence of high temperature.

You also need to understand that printing in gold or silver (metallic) is one of the most expensive types of printing.



Feels on touch as:
dense elastic flexible tape with metallic tint

Possible printing on:
T-shirts, caps, baseball caps with a straight peak, polos, sweatshirts, jeans, bags.
Is possible on light and dark fabrics.

Right format to send layouts for printing:


Print size: A6 to A3

Is possible printing

by this method:
This printing method is designed for drawing silhouette and vector images without color gradations and halftone. You can print one-color logos, labels, numbers, letters, shapes.


Isn't possible printing in gold or silver:
- full-color pictures, photos, drawings with a color gradation;

- fine details less than 3 millimeters.


Care and washing:

To keep the gold or silver print in its original form as long as possible follow a few simple rules for care:

1. When washing a T-shirt in a washing machine, it is better to set a delicate mode and a water temperature no more 30-40°C;
2. Don't use bleaching and other aggressive detergents;
3. Turn the product inside out before washing to avoid mechanical damage of the print;
4. Iron the product only from the inside out!



Gold and silver printing examples of our clients:

золото печать на футболках

пример печати золотом и серебром, стоимость

пример печати принта золотом и серебром, узнать стоимость     печать золотом, заказать печать в мастерской футболок

оптовая печать золотом на футболках, заказать печать Украина