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T-shirts model "IMPERIAL" of SOL'S -is aspecial line of T-shirts, sewn on seamless technology (no side seams) refers to premium t-shirts. Dense high-quality fabric, pleasant to the touch, classic fit - a no-lose option for presentations or official events.

Crew neck of T-shirt is qualitatively sewn with a Lycra, it is not stretched.
SOL'S T-shirts are manufactured and processed using a special twist technology that guarantees a soft and even surface of the knitted fabric.
SOL'S products are made only from natural materials - 100% cotton with the use of special technology of fiber coupling.
The outer side of the SOL'S t-shirt is smooth, and the inner one is velvety, which provides not only comfort with daily wear, but also wear-resistence in use.

All products meet the highest quality requirements: the raw material passes toxicological control with the guarantee of non-use of harmful dyes.

Fabrics: half-baked 100% cotton. JERSEY 190 g / m² (high density).

Maid in France 

Model Colors: Size guide:


Width: 50 53  56  58  62 64
Length:  69 72 74  76  78  80 

Width: 41 44 47 50 53
Length:  61 63 65 67 69

Depending on the type of printing we use such technologies on T-shirts of the SOL'S model "IMPERIAL":

  • Screen printing - a printing technique whereby a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. Bright and high-quality printing method, optimal with a price / quality ratio for wholesale orders.
  • Flex - elastic rubberized tape. Optimal technology for logo, slogans, names and silhouetted images.
  • Flock - velvet tape pleasant to the touch, the height of the pile is up to 1.4 mm. As well as flex, it is used for printing logos, slogans, names and silhouetted images.
  • Thermotransfer or thermal paper - full-colored printing, A4 format. Cheap and the least qualitative method of printing (prefer not to use it in work).
  • Printing a film of gold or silver - metallic colors, great for your brand presentation, T-shirts as a gift, printing of names and individual phrases.
  • Direct printing on light fabrics - printing by a textile printer. Usually used for full-colored images. There are restrictions in positions and  textiles for printing (for example, sleeves).
  • Direct printing on dark fabrics - printing by a textile printer for colored fabrics. It is also used for full-colored images, but on dark textiles. There are restrictions in positions and  textiles for printing (for example, sleeves).

The options for print positions on T-shirts are limited by the technical capabilities of the equipment. In addition, printing is possible to make only on the flat surface of the T-shirt, where there are no seams or other irregularities.
The typical printing positions on T-shirts you can find below:

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