100% polyester T-shirt SPORTY, synthetic men's and women's sports t-shirts

с подробной информацией о товаре можно ознакомиться на сайте производителя: 
- мужские https://www.sols-europe.com/gb/sporty.html
- женские https://www.sols-europe.com/gb/sporty-women.html
- детские  https://www.sols-europe.com/gb/sporty-kids.html

T-shirts of the "SPORTY" model from the SOL'S brand are popular sports shirts for active people in the European market.

T-shirts for sports, perfect for both: training at the gym, and for competitions in the open air, participation at marathon distances. Due to the light perforated material, moisture does not stay in the fabric, but is removed to the surface. A breathable jersey T-shirt "SPORTY" helps to keep the thermo balance during all the training.

T-shirts are wear-resistant. Quick-drying material.
The bottom part of T-shirt and sleeves are with a double stitching. Oblongated back.
Round collar with plating of the same fabric with a single stitch.

Sports shirts model "SPORTY" from the brand SOL'S provide comfort and convenience not only in sports, but also in casual clothes.

Fabrics: polyester 100%.
Weights: 140 g/m².
Made in France.             


Model Colors: Size guide:


Width:  50  53  56  59  62 
Length:  70 72 74  76  78 

  S M L XL
Width:   44  47  50  53 
Length: 62  64 66  68 

 6Y 8Y 10Y  12Y
Width: 35  37  40  43 
Length: 47 50  54  58 

 Depending on the type of printing we use such technologies on T-shirts of the SOL'S model "SPORTY":

  • Flex - elastic rubberized tape. Optimal technology for logo, slogans, names and silhouetted images.
  • Flock - velvet tape pleasant to the touch, the height of the pile is up to 1.4 mm. As well as flex, it is used for printing logos, slogans, names and silhouetted images.
  • Thermotransfer or thermal paper - full-colored printing, A4 format. Cheap and the least qualitative method of printing (prefer not to use it in work).
  • Printing a film of gold or silver - metallic colors, great for your brand presentation, T-shirts as a gift, printing of names and individual phrases.
  • Direct printing on light fabrics - printing by a textile printer. Usually used for full-colored images. There are restrictions in positions and  textiles for printing (for example, sleeves).
  • Direct printing on dark fabrics - printing by a textile printer for colored fabrics. It is also used for full-colored images, but on dark textiles. There are restrictions in positions and  textiles for printing (for example, sleeves).

The options for print positions on T-shirts are limited by the technical capabilities of the equipment. In addition, printing is possible to make only on the flat surface of the T-shirt, where there are no seams or other irregularities.
The typical printing positions on T-shirts you can find below:

print on sports t-shirts for running kiev

Our resent works on T-shirts model "SPORTY" for our customers: